The Origins of Roulette Derive from the 17th Century

Roulette History: From Humble Beginnings to 21st Century Online Bonus Codes

Roulette betting chips

Originally created in France, the word roulette means ‘Little Wheel’ in French and is one of the most popular casino games available around the world – both offline and online. Find out how such a well-known title made its way from 17th century Europe to the far flung edges of the world.

A Primitive form of Roulette

The roulette wheel was invented in 1655 by a French mathematician, physicist and inventor by the name of Blaise Pascal. He was on the quest for a perpetual motion machine which he naturally failed to produce due to the incorrigble laws of physics as we know them, but what he did create was the birth of one of the most exciting casino games ever. There is a bit of a gap between then and early references of the game in the mid to late 1700’s, but it’s said the roulette mechanism is also a hybrid of the old game Biribi which contains 70 numbers on a board.

Modern Day Roulette and the Move to the New World

Two well-known mentions of the game of roulette include it being banned in Québec (New France) in 1758, and a mention in a French novel in 1796 called La Roulette, ou le Jour by Jaques Lablee. During the 1790’s we know that roulette already had a single and double zero to give casinos the house edge. Earlier versions of the game had a red single zero and black double zero, but this eventually changed to green as we know it today. People were still getting used to the game all the same and it wasn’t for many years that people started developing roulette strategies.

In 1843 two Frenchmen by the names of Louis and François Blanc created a single zero form of roulette which reduced the house odds in a bid to compete against other casinos in the German town of Bad Homburg. This was met with great success which dubbed François Blanc as the “Magician of Homburg” and later the “Magician of Monte Carlo” when he opened the first casino in Monaco.

Naturally, the success of roulette and perhaps one of the main reasons you can find it in land-based and online casinos today, meant that it moved to the United States. In particular to New Orleans, Louisiana which was the gambling capital of the US and had roulette present in a number of establishments thanks to French immigrants. While roulette was rampant across Europe, America wanted a higher house edge which is why they opted to keep the original double zero option – hence European and American roulette.

Roulette on the Frontier

In the later part of the 19th century, roulette made its way to the Wild West where establishments wanted an even higher house edge which lead to the addition of an American Eagle. However, gamblers didn’t take kindly to this feature and as a result it was eventually removed from the game. With so many scrupulous individuals and establishments, the roulette wheel was also then placed on a table top to prevent dealers and patrons from cheating using hidden devices. Luckily these days, even when you play online, you’ll find games being audited, ensuring fairness to players.

Online Roulette and the Future of the Game

Surprisingly, during the first half of the 20th century, roulette wasn’t that widely available to play at casinos. This changed around the 1970’s, especially thanks to movies like James Bond’s Diamonds are Forever, Casablanca and other movies featuring the now legendary game. Fast forward to the 21st century and you’ll find a roulette wheel in almost every land and online based casino on the planet. Players even have the chance to gamble without risking a cent by using sites like nodepositscasino where it’s possible to find the best free no deposit bonuses to register and bet online at without depositing. Just keep in mind that some sites find the house edge to be too high in roulette, so your no deposit offer may be harder to clear compared to slots – always read the terms and conditions.

Trying to Gain an Edge

When it comes to playing roulette there are literally countless strategies that folks have employed over the years to try come out ahead – from the simple Martingale and Reverse Martingale systems to the slightly more complicated D’Alambert and Fibonacci strategies (and everything in between). The majority of strategies will require players to have a huge bankroll to eventually turn a profit, but the odds always remain the same in roulette no matter what strategy is used. Of course, there are even computers available for players who still frequent land-based casinos that measure the speed and deceleration of the roulette wheel and ball to help determine which slot the ball will land in. However, getting caught with one of these devices can pose risks for those who aren’t careful.

Perhaps the best way forward regardless of whether you’re trying a specific strategy or just want to familiarize yourself before spending money is to practice playing for free. You can do this using no deposit bonuses as specified above or through free ‘demo-play’ versions so you can see what works best for you. Perhaps you just like chasing your favorite number to while away the time.

Online Blackjack – Playing by the rules?

Blackjack is a fascinating casino game that is also known as “twenty-one” since the main objective of the game is to get 21 points, ideally with the first two cards that you are dealt. Probably one of the most widely played games around the world, this card game is played by several players and a dealer. An interesting aspect of this banking game is that the players do not play against each other but against the dealer.

In the past, the best place to play blackjack was at land-based casinos. Nowadays online gambling sites are attracting more and more gamblers who prefer betting from the comfort of their own homes or on the go thanks to mobile applications.

Some basic blackjack rules

Before you start playing blackjack, and especially if you are new to gambling, you should read this guide on how to play blackjack to get concise information about this captivating casino game. In this article, you will find some basic rules and tips to help you get started.

Playing blackjack online is probably the best place to start if you are a total beginner at this game. Why? Most online casino software usually offer guides to help you along the way in the form of help screens that are part of the game. These give you specific information about the particular variant you are playing. Of course, it would be better to find out more about how to play this intricate game before you actually start betting real money.

Main objectives

First of all, you should know what the three main objectives of the game are:

Optimally, you will get 21 points with the first two cards that you are dealt. This is called a “blackjack” or a “natural”. This also means that this is achieved without a dealer blackjack.

The second option is to reach a final score that is higher than what the dealer has without going over 21.

Finally, let the dealer lose. This means that the dealer continues drawing cards until their hand has exceeded the maximum of 21.

Now let us turn to more basic information regarding how to play blackjack. Even if you already are an experienced online player, it is always a good idea to refresh the fundamentals of this card game and you might even find some valuable tips.

Blackjack ABC

  1. Learn how much each card is worth. For number cards, the number found on the card is also its value. In the case of face cards (jacks, queens, and kings), they are all worth 10. The “Ace” is trickier. It is generally counted as 11 but can also be worth just 1 if it would put you over 21.
  2. Learn your basic options. When it is your turn to play, you can “hit” or get another card until you go over 21. Or you can “stand” so you will not receive any more cards.
  3. Play to win. The player who gets closer to 21 than the dealer wins the hand. If the total value of your cards is higher than the dealer’s, than you are “busted” and lose. Of course, the ideal situation is a “blackjack” or the combination of an ace and a card worth 10. The casino always has an advantage, because the players have to act first and the dealer plays the last hand.

Please keep in mind that the key to your blackjack success is not to let your emotions get in the way. No matter what strategy you are using, stick to it even though you “feel” another one might suddenly be better.

Speaking of blackjack strategies: Testing different strategies is usually the optimal manner to find the one that works best for you. The tactic that is recommended by experienced players is the Blackjack Strategy Card. Memorising a strategy can be faster when you are playing but if you are still in the learning process, then you should use a strategy card. Many of them are available on the Internet and can be downloaded free of charge. Depending on your current score at the blackjack table, this particular card will tell you the moves you should make by taking into account the dealer’s cards.

Advantages of online blackjack

The main advantage is that with online blackjack, you can simply start playing whenever you feel like it. You also avoid all of the hassles linked with going to a brick-and-mortar casino like driving in traffic, finding a parking space, tipping the dealer, dealing with strangers (other players), etc.

The centrepiece of many online casinos are blackjack games and some even offer up to 30 different variants. As such, you can enjoy diverse blackjack experiences without having to travel to Vegas. As such, players can pick and choose which variant suits their gambling needs at that moment. In addition, you are given the possibility of selecting a game that will give you a higher edge over the house.

A variety of games also means that you can change “tables” whenever you feel like it. At a physical casino, you do not always have the possibility to switch blackjack tables if you get the feeling that your dealer is on a winning streak. There might not be any empty seats at other tables. This is not the case when you play at online casinos. You can pick and choose where you want to play by choosing a different game variant or a completely different casino with just a few clicks or taps.

Anyone who has been playing blackjack for a while will tell you that it is much easier to win if you use some type of mathematical strategy. The more you play with your system, the better it works. For this reason, online blackjack has a significant advantage over traditional casinos because a lot more hands can be dealt within an hour. A physical dealer will probably deal about 52 hands per hour, whereas a computerized game can deal up to 209 hands within the same time period.

Choose an online casino smartly

Now that you know a little bit more about the basics of playing blackjack, you have to find the right online casino offer. First of all, you should look for a casino that has an impeccable reputation. Unfortunately, the boom of online gambling offers also brought along opportunities for scammers to make easy money.

Reputable online casinos have normally been in the business for many years and as such, they have developed a stable customer base by offering competent customer support and a safe environment for online players. Most importantly, the financial transactions are secured and payouts are processed promptly. If you are not sure that the casino of your choice is a serious betting provider, there are plenty of websites that examine casino offers and test them.

Another important aspect that denotes a reputable casino is the commitment to responsible gambling. Trustworthy casinos often cooperate with organisations that provide information to help people find out more about gambling and how to recognise gambling problems.

Blackjack Card Counting and Technology

Card counting is a well-known strategy of blackjack players at traditional casinos. This gives you a slight edge over the house. But is this even possible at online casinos? Well, the answer is not that simple.

In order to cheat at blackjack, two aspects are usually taken into consideration: Deck penetration and shuffling. However, live dealers at online casinos usually shuffle the decks after half of them have been dealt. This makes it more difficult to get a precise card count.

Regarding online blackjack games, it is almost impossible to really count the cards since they are electronically dealt and the cards are virtually shuffled so you do not see this yourself. Moreover, the deck is shuffled every time you play, so no chance for deck penetration.

Some players rely on electronics to cheat at blackjack or simply to increase their winning chances. Different devices are available such as the Blackjack Beater, the CV Shuffle and there are even apps that can be downloaded for that purpose. Blackjack computers and strategies are also available on the Internet.

Nevertheless, true gamblers and players will only rely on their wits and Lady Luck when it comes to playing Blackjack.

Can You Beat The Roulette Game?

The first thing that is needed to play the Roulette Game is to buy chips in order to bet them. When playing in the casino there may be way too many people in the betting tables. It’s mandatory to learn about the two kinds of bets of the game: inside bets and outside bets.

What Are The Inside Bets?

In order to play properly you will need to know what kind of bets there are in the game. In the Inside Bets it’s less likely to win since the risk taken is higher, however if the player wins, the reward will be higher than in an outside bet. Usually, the players would place their bet in one number.If this is done the chances of winning are going to be a little low since there are 36 numbers and this implies that mathematically speaking the probabilities of winning are 35 to 1.

Let’s Talk About Split Bet

Also, there is another kind of bet you need to know within the category of Inside Bets which is the Split. In this one the player has to bet on a total of two numbers. The chances of winning in the game are very low if the player does this, but if the two numbers are correct, then the bet that was made in the beginning would be 17 times higher.

The Meaning Of Street Bet

Another popular term in the game is the “Street Bet”. This bet would pay 11 to 1 only if the gambler can properly guess one of the three numbers he or she bets on.

What to Do In A Corner Bet?

In this bet, the chances of winning are 8 to 1. To do the corner bet the chip must be placed right at the crossroads of 4 different numbers which as well must specify the fact that the gambler wants to bet on all the nearby numbers.

Let’s Talk About The Outside Bets

These bets are the ones that have to be made outside the number area of the table, that is why they are literally called “outside” bets.

One of the most well-known outside bets in the Roulette Game is the Red or Black wager. It pays an even amount of money and the player can choose any of the colors he or she wants. When the gambler has the first earning, he or she will be able to stay with the current money and may also obtain a new amount as big as the present one.

What Is A High Or Low Bet?

The rewards in this bet would be always paid with even money. The range of the numbers that the player can bet on goes from 1 to 18 or also from 19 to 36.

American Roulette Vs French Roulette

You can learn the systems that work at best tips for running roulette page, and test your strategies if you play a free roulette game here. The main difference that can be found in the case of the American Roulette Game in comparison to the French Roulette Game is that the American Roulette has a total of two zeroes, so the house edge will be considerably bigger. In the case of the French Roulette, there is a rule called “en prison”, this means that if the ball stops in number zero, then the gambler will not lose the bet and also will have another free chance to spin he roulette. If the gambler wins the next wage, then the money has to be released, otherwise it would end at the casino’s coffers.

What Neighbours Mean In The Roulette Game?

One of the common words is Neighbour. This happens when 5 numbers are exactly next to each other. There are some cases in which the casino would let the gamblers to choose how many numbers can be considered as a Neighbour.

A False Belief That Many Apply

Can you beat roulette by using a belief? When playing this game many gamblers would believe that there are some beliefs that will make them “more likely to win”, but those beliefs are not proofed to have any useful result in the gambling logic. An example of this could be when the ball has landed in many black spaces more than 3 times, the player could then believe that it means that the next time the ball will also land on a black space. However, this belief is not logic because the fact it has landed on the black spaces before is just a matter of probability and even if the ball has landed the black space three times, that does not mean that the next time that situation will repeat.

Can You Beat Roulette In A Casino?

There are several players nowadays losing their money constantly in the casinos and there are two important systems that make gamblers lose: The Martingale and the D’Alembert System”.

The Martingale is a strategy in which the player that loses money after betting it will bet the double amount of money that was lost. This is done with the intention of getting the money back. But the fact the money is doubled does not mean that there is a higher probability of winning, actually most of the times gamblers lose even more money by doing this.

The D’Alembert System was invented in order to “maintain” the player’s bankroll. If a gambler wins, then he or she will do a lower bet. In the moment in which the player loses, then the bet will be bigger. The results of doing this are not as damaging as the Martingale but money would still be lost.

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Where Can I Play Roulette For Free?

In order to look for the best sites on the web to play this game, you will probably have to do a little search so you can decide by yourself what is the best option. However, here you will have some of the work already done since you will now read about many great websites in which you can play roulette without having to pay anything as well as the main features of each site.

Features That Improve Your Gambling Experience

In most online pages you would start the game with 1000 dollars so you can bet the way you want and also you should aim to use them wisely so you can get the best of your money The images are usually quite good and fluent and among the main buttons you will find “spin”, “repeat” and “clear” (there is also a manual in case you are new in some of the games).

Another nice feature is that there chats in some pages so if you also want to enjoy a conversation while playing with other people then this may be a very suitable option so you can have both things at the same time.

Playing For Free As Much As You Want

The question “where can I play roulette for free” can be properly answered when you find a good online roulette site where there is no payment. Actually, you will get virtually paid as said before (most of the times with 1000$ to start your bets).Sometimes you will find roulette sites where you will get your money in Great Britain Pounds.

Learn About Gambling And Betting

There may not be any guaranteed to win system but you can still profit in the long-term. But if you are developing a system, avoid the martingale system for roulette because it doesn’t work. It would be advisable that you learn some of the main rules of the roulette game and the kind of bets such as the outside bets and the inside bets. Also if you can learn about the vocabulary used in this game such as “martingale” and “street bets”it would be reallyhelpful for you out while playing. There aresites that are very good because there is some useful information regarding to common words used in the game and there is also a link in which you would be able to find more tips so your chances of winning will be higher.

One of the best features that many online sites where you can play roulette for free is that they will indicate where the black and red numbers are located on the table very easily by just clicking on the number or color you are looking for. This is very useful since that will make you save time and will help you to test your skills faster and learn about anything you need before gambling in a real casino.

Useful Features To Play Online

There are gamesalso that include the buttons “voisins du zero”, “tier”, “orphelins” and “neighbors” so the game will indicate you where you can find them respectively on the bet table in an automatic way which is useful so you can save some time.

There are as well some online sites that feature the American Roulette whichis probably one of the best ideas to play the way Americans do while betting in the roulette game. This way will make you feel a lot more in contact with the likes of a casino of the Las Vegas and even the sound effects of many online sites are also very realistic.

The chips valued often with these numbers: 1, 5, 25, 50 and 100. You should use them in the wisest way with good systems and strategies so you can so you can get more money and if you want to get a better chance of winning it may be a nice idea to get information about many systems and how they work.

Strategies Will Be Useful And Systems Too

It may be very useful for you to learn about the different kind of strategies, one the most popular ones is the “martingale”. The main idea of this strategy is that you will have to bet double money so you can get more when you win if you have lost money before. This strategy is not necessarily effective since it’s more like a “logic” way to get your money back but let’s remember that most roulette casino games have to do more with random luck rather than with your strategy.

Looking for roulette games online is a great idea if you are wondering something like where can I play roulette for free? It’s sure going to be a risk if you don’t learn about the most important rules of the roulette game before going to your local casino. It’s advisable that you get information about it and if possible try the different kinds of strategies that you will find on the net which is full of that kind of tips.

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Free Play Roulette

It’s very important to find the best places on the net to play roulette for if you are looking for free play roulette so you can learn how to play the game. This would be also advisable if you want to improve the strategies of your playing style in the roulette game, especially if you are considering the idea of going to a real casino in the future.

Tips And Characteristics Of Online Casinos

First you should learn how to play roulette to avoid simple mistakes and understand the rules. The same website also explains the bets odds and payouts for roulette so can develop systems. If you want to practice before going to a casino, looking for sites on the net is going to be a suitable option if you want to visualize the bet table in your own computer so you can get more skill. Most sites feature the “repeat”, “clear” and “spin” buttons and they are usually very close from each other which is good to improve the fluency of the game. Your starter bankroll would normally be 1000 dollars, it’s a big amount that you can use over and over so you can practice your strategies in a comfortable way and in case it doesn’t go very well, then you can just restart the game to do it as many times as you wish. Sometimes games includes music as well which is a nice touch if you are also looking for a musical casino like environment while playing.
Sometimes you will find roulette sites where you will get a slightly bigger amount of chips to bet with and they can be: 0.25, 0.50, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. This may be useful if you are looking to practice with many different kind of chips so you can make it more similar to the style of your local casino.It’s interesting as well that there are online roulette games that have voices included that will give you some instructions and will say the numbers where the ball landed.

Another feature that free online roulette games have is that in some of them you can easily see the “table limits” where you will be able to findvoisins, orphelins and tiers very quiclky. This may be very nice if you want to test your luck and learn about betting as much as you can so when you are in the real casino you improve your chances of winning bigger amounts of money.

Practice and test your luck with different kinds of systems as much as possible before going to a casino so you can make sure the system or strategy you are using is really advisable to use while betting.

Learn About Inside Bets And Outside Bets

It will be mandatory that you learn about the different kind of bets that you will find in roulette games whether they are online or not. When you know more about these two kind of bets you sure will want to test them and doing that online will be very useful so you can see the results. This is also important because if you lose then you would just lose your virtual bankroll and not the real one.

Some Online Roulette Bonuses

There are some free play roulette games with more options that will help out if you want to get a better analysis of your play style. Actually, some games feature a different button such asstatistics which will surely be useful if you are looking to obtain a more detailed view of your game. The advantage of this in contrast to most online roulette games is that for example you can get a statistic of the percentage of your reds, blacks, even and odds. This is very useful so you can get a 100% accurate statistic of what the game has been like. Also there are rouletteonline games that will give you a total of 500 euros instead of using the dollars as most roulette games do on the web. Some others will also give you a history of how your game has gone in the left side of the screen so you can see a statistic of it when you have ended the game if you want to analyze it yourself.

Let’s Try The 3D Online Casinos

There are even some games that will have a very fluent 3D animation with good graphics. That is useful because you will be able to do outside and inside bets easily by just seen the table on the screen. If you are the kind of player that wants to feel like you are in a real casino but without that much people on the table, probably 3D roulette kind of gamesare going to be your best choice to play on the web.

Another good thing of 3D roulette games is that they will give you a free roulette play and they even may have a zoom view of where the ball landed so you don’t have to do that much effort to see it.

There are also roulette gameswith 2D views of the table with all the reds and blacks easy to find.

Play Roulette With Another Player

There are roulette games which havea multiplayer system. By playing this way you will be able to enjoyroulette with another person and even seeing how your bets and gambling strategies can work while playing with somebody else in a more realistic way.

Getting Sociable While Betting

When you look for a free play roulette game you may find that online roulettes can feature a chat that will allow you to talk to other people around the world so you can have a conversation during the game.

Trying Some Different Styles

There are roulette games that are a little bit different from the regular roulette game in the sense that they are decorated with astrology related symbols. You may found some that have the 12 zodiac symbols: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. There are also Chinese related roulette games with many colors and featuring the Chinese zodiac symbols : Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Pig, Rabbit, Horse, Rooster, Rat, Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox.

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